About Zionblog

Zionblog is the home page of Jon Andersen, a freelance journalist publishing his comments on Israel, politics, society, and religion.

In an era when it’s politically incorrect to believe that the Bible is the truth and is in fact valid today, Zionblog wants to encourage Christians to believe and understand that the word of God has not lost its power.

At the same time, we understand that history, human rights, and common sense are important aspects, and Zionblog will take this into consideration in its reports and comments.

Zionblog believes that:

The Jewish people will always remain the people of God.
God will never break the covenant which he made with Abraham, the patriarch of the Jewish people.
God has given the Land of Israel as an eternal possession to the Jewish people.
God loves both Jews, Arabs, and people from all other nations.
God’s commandment to Moses was to take care of all strangers in the land.

About the author

Zionblog is written by Jon Andersen, a Norwegian freelance journalist and author currently living in Sweden. Andersen has been involved with Israel and the Jewish people since 1994. Between 1995 and 2003, he resided in Russia where he helped Jewish olim make the journey to Israel. He has also been a guide for several tourist groups visiting Israel. He himself has visited the country 40 times since 1990, and he has lived in Jerusalem for half a year, working as a journalist.

Andersen has written several books about Israel, and two of them are available in English. They are for sale on Himmelbok.no.