Corruption Within EU Reach New Heights

Yesterday’s news revealed just how corrupt the EU actually is.

The European Union is supposedly built on the principle of free competition between parties, and there are laws within the EU forbidding anti-competitive behavior such as forming cartels and monopolies.

At the same time, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats within the EU believe that they have the right to use anti-competitive rules concerning taxes and fees, which is that which provides salaries for politicians and bureaucrats.

Several mass media, such as the BBC, reported that the EU has ordered Amazon and Apple to pay huge sums of taxes because they’ve had very good tax deals with the authorities in Luxembourg and Ireland respectively. This means that the EU does not accept that some countries within the EU have lower taxes than other countries. EU does not allow the countries to compete with each other in creating jobs by lowering taxes.

In other words: When it comes to the question of taxes, which provides salaries and goodies to the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of Brussels, the EU wants to have a monopoly.

It’s this corruption which is destroying the economy in the entire EU. Which American or Chinese companies want to establish offices and create jobs in the EU when they see how the EU afterwards overrule tax agreements and force companies to pay exorbitant tax rates? US President Donald Trump is right now busy reforming the American tax system, and when he’s completed that job, we will see how many American companies will bring their money back from the EU to the USA, and that will give the EU serious financial problems.

It’s also this type of corruption which has meant unemployment and poverty for lots of EU citizens in Southern Europe during the past few years. When the economy is slowing down, the EU should have saved money by cutting away many of the unnecessary bureaucratic positions in Brussels. Instead, they expect pensioners and tax payers in countries like Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Portugal to bear the cost.

It’s time that Norway and Sweden disassociate themselves from this corruption and leave the EEA and the EU respectively.

(Picture of European Commission by JLogan, used under CC3.0 license.)