Christian Zionism Is Biblical, part 1

This article is written as a reply to Daniel Forslund’s article, Kristen sionism svårförenlig med Bibeln, (Christian Zionism is hardly reconcilable with the Bible), which was published on the Swedish site Aletheia last week.

In this first part I will try to give some personal reasons why I consider myself to be a Zionist, based upon general principles which all human beings can accept, and in part two I will explain why I believe that it’s biblical to call yourself a Christian Zionist.

I believe that there are many reasons why a human being can and should support the cause of Zionistm. Some of those causes are:

1. The Jewish connection to the land of Israel: As far as I know, there is no other people with a similar connection to a land as the Jewish connection to the land of Israel, and especially the city of Jerusalem. Jewish litterature, culture and music is centered on the land in a way that I have never witnessed with any other nation or group of people. This is a connection which dates to biblical times, but even modern secular Jews feel this connection.

2. The histori events: The past 3000 years have seen many nations, empires and groups with military control of the land, but the Jewish people is the only nation to establish a national homeland there. The Jews are also the only people which can document 3,300 years of continuous presence in the land. Some places, such as Hebron, have had Jewish inhabitants since the time of Joshua until the 20th century.

3. For humanitarian reasons: The Jews have been persecuted and threatened by genocide in many countries around the world. Egyptians, Assyrians, babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, Russians, Ukrainians, Germans, Polish, Iraqis, Yemenites, and Syrians are some of those nations that have mistreated the Jewish up through history. There is no other group of people that has experienced similar persecution throughout history as the Jewish people. It is only just and right that the Jews should have their own homeland where they can defend themselves without being dependent on other nations.

4. International law: From the Balfour Declaration to Israel’s membership in the United Nations, there are lots of documents affirming the Jewish right to a national state in the Levant. If you don’t support Israel’s right to exist as a state, you’re in direct conflict with articles 1 and 2 of the UN charter.

5. Democracy and human rights: In a region which is void of democracy and where human rights are broken on a daily basis, the Jews have managed to establish a democracy where even minorities that are potential enemies can enjoy human rights. The United States, Norway, Sweden and other nations have tried to topple dictators to create democracy in countries such as Iraq, Syria, and Libya, but the result is political chaos and a so-called “Islamic state” with terror and genocide. At the same time, the Jews have managed to give one and a half million Muslims democracy and human rights in the land of Israel. Zionism is the only ideology which has managed to give Arabs democracy and human rights in the Middle East.

In my opinion, all Christians — and indeed everybody that supports human rights — should support Zionism of these five reasons.

To be continued …