I Protest the Gaza War Crimes

I would hereby like to protest against the war crimes that are currently being carried out towards civilian Palestinians on the Gaza Strip!

I am certainly not the only person to be shocked by recent events in the Gaza Strip, including war crimes being committed against Palestinian Arabs in Gaza the past couple of weeks. It’s really shocking to read about a lot of the suffering among civilian Palestinians because of the war crimes committed against them.

When I say “War Crimes,” I’m first and foremost thinking about the fact that Hamas, which is controlling the Gaza Strip, knowingly has placed their rockets and other weapons in the midst of civilian housing, and that they have used civilian Palestinians as human shields in their battle with Israel.

Rule 97 on the Red Cross list of international humanitarian law says clearly: “The use of human shields is prohibited.”

Hamas has constantly used this war crime in its conflict with Israel. Hamas has e.g. used the Al Wafa hospital of Gaza as a base for terrorists,, stored rockets in a school run by UNRWA,, and attacked Israeli soldiers with a gun in one hand and a baby in the other hand.

Some of my readers would perhaps want to protest against my criticism: “But it’s a fact that Hamas won the 2006 elections in the Gaza Strip. And the people voting for Hamas, knew very well what aims the organization had. They knew that Hamas wanted to fight Israel, and they knew that Hamas has no problems with using human shields. Hamas has all of this clearly spelled out in their own charter. And since a majority of Palestinians anyway voted for Hamas, shouldn’t it be okay that they actually do what they have promised to do?”

The answer to this question is a resounding no! It is not okay to violate human rights even if a majority of voters tell you to do so! Hamas is not allowed to use human shields even if a majority of the Palestinian Arabs voted for that policy.

I would also like to protest the way Norwegian mass media has handled this question.

The tone of Norwegian press reports, and the press reports in other Western news outlets, has generally been that Israel does not care about the death of civilian Palestinians because Israel only cares for their own security. At the same time, they are quiet as an oyster about the fact that this is a deliberate strategy for Hamas to put pressure on Israel.

One example of this is an article by the Norwegian state-owned TV-channel NRK with the headline “Obvious that we had to enter and clean up”. The lead paragraph in this article states: “Only 16 percent of the more than 635 killed Palestinians on the Gaza Strip were members of militant groups. But the religious Jews that NRK meets in Israel, give no thought to the civilian Palestinians.”

Reading this article, you get the impression that “the religious Jews” do not care about civilian Palestinians whatsoever. NRK makes this atrocious claim even though there’s not a single case in the article where they actually ask a direct question to any of the “religious Jews” whether they care about civilian Palestinians or not.

At the same time, NRK does not criticize Hamas for using civilian Palestinians as human shields.

If we’re to put an end to this disaster for the civilian Palestinians, we need to put pressure on Hamas so that they will stop committing war crimes against their own civilian population. But unfortunately, Western mass media will often encourage Hamas to continue with their horrible tactics.