The Pope and Muslim Terrorists

“We will fight on Saturday and then on Sunday.”

For several decades, when Palestinian mobs have gathered to protest against Israel, the mobs have chanted their infamous battle cry about fighting on Saturday and Sunday. “We will fight on Saturday and then on Sunday!”

The meaning of this chant is understood when looking at the weekly holy days of the three major monotheistic religions. The Muslim holy day is on Friday, the Jewish day on Saturday, and the Christian day of rest is on Sunday. The meaning of the chant is thus obvious: “First we will fight the Jews, and then we will fight the Christians.”

And this is truly what Muslim terror groups such as Fatah, the largest faction of the PLO, have been doing. When the Israeli army was ousted from Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born, and Fatah was appointed rulers of this ancient city of David, they immediately started persecuting the Christians of that city. I have documented some of that persecution in chapter 9 of my book, “Who Cares About the Palestinians,” but in a nutshell, the Christian community of that city has been decimated after Fatah and Yasser Arafat came to power.

This very same Fatah has recently teamed up in a unity government with Hamas, an Islamic fundamentalist terror organization that seeks to establish an Islamic state governed by Sharia law. Christians living in an envisioned Palestinian state governed by Hamas would probably be in an even more precarious state than the Christians of Bethlehem under Fatah rule.

This same persecution against Christians is ongoing in many places throughout the Middle East and Africa. The terror that Boko Haram has released against the Christians of Nigeria has been reported on extensively in Western mass media. Recently, media has also been filled with horror reports about what the extremist ISIL is doing in its battle with Christians in Syria and Iraq. Christian communities have been massacred and individuals have been crucified in ISIL’s battle to establish an Islamic state in the Levant. Groups such as Hamas, Boko Haram and ISIL are all united in their common aim of establishing a salafist Islamic state united under a Caliph.

This is but one of the reasons why I was shocked when the leader of the largest Christian church on Earth, Roman Pope Francis, invited one of these terrorists to come and pray to Allah in the Vatican recently.

In addition to the obvious problem of inviting someone to practice idolatry on church grounds, the Pope has actually betrayed the Christians of the Middle East and Africa when he teams up with Muslim terrorists in this way. To the Muslim terrorist, this is regarded as evidence that the Christians are weak, and that they deserve to be dhimmis ruled and oppressed by an Islamic state.

Let me make this abundantly clear: In the midst of an unprecedented Islamic onslaught against Christians of the Middle East and Africa, the Roman Pope actually chose to team up in joint prayer with the leader of the most infamous Muslim terror organization: Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah and the PLO, the terror organization which ousted Christians from Bethlehem.

Converts to the Roman church sometimes cite the Roman church’s stance of unity as a cause for their desire to bow to the Pope. The problem is that when the Roman church elected to have a sort of unity with Muslim terrorists, they simultaneously betrayed the Christians of Bethlehem, Syria, Iraq and Nigeria.

Is this really the unity that Jesus prayed about in John 17:20-21?